Stella Maude Nutter became the wife of Millard Fairlamb in 1899. She was the daughter of pioneer stockman Charles Nutter. She came to Colorado in 1875 and lived in the gold mining community of Ouray until the family moved to Delta in 1888. This house was built by Millard for Stella in 1906. Stella and Millard had two sons, Charles and Sam, both of whom lived on Leon Street. Charles lived in this house and Sam lived in the house at the South end of the block. In her later years Grandma Stella lived in the house next door.

Affectionately called the NFL room when Elizabeth and John bought the house in 1994, this room has made a great transformation from the NFL wallpaper and posters to the more stately decor you will see in this historic bed and breakfast.

There are two closet doors in the room. One door is actually the former entrance to the attic. Millard was quite interested in archaeology and it was rumored he stored an Indian Skeleton in the attic. The grandchildren avoided this room at night for fear some ghost might come down from the attic.

The Fairlamb children delighted in picking apricots off the tree just outside the south window and going up into the attic and telling stories while they nibbled fruit and dropped the pits down between the walls. It's true. Hundreds of pits were found between the closet wall in this room and the bath next door when thee renovation on the bath was done. John also found the remnant of a beautiful floral bordered china platter. It is guessed to have met the same fate as the apricot pits, the possible evidence to an accident that was tossed between the rafters of the attic. It was rescued and is now a spoon rest on the stove.

The display of beaded bags are some belonging to Elizabeth's grand mother who's name was also Stella. The display case was handcrafted for this room by Jake Thompson, Elizabeth's father. The photo on the dresser is Liz's great-grandmother. Collecting and saving was also part of  Liz's mother's life. The white ribbon in the floral above the bed was the ribbon from her wedding bouquet. Jake and Charlotte were married for 53 years.