This room was decorated with a more masculine flavor. We used black, white and gold colors on the textured anaglypta, wall paper and military bunting style border. The display box above the twin bed holds artifacts that a turn of the century gentleman might wear or carry.


A small wood burning stove decorates the chimney wall. This stove originally was used for heat in a railroad car caboose and was hauled to Colorado for Wenatchee, Washington. It was broken and had no brass plating, but was refurbished to its present condition by Bill Ebert, former stove expert and mayor of Eckert, CO.


The photo above the old secretary is the wedding photo of Millard and Stella. They were married in 1899. The other old photos were found in a box in the attic of John's grandmother, Hazel Blide Taylor. Grandma Taylor was uncertain who they all were, but many are assumed to be John's relatives.


The quilt above the be is an unusual one. It is called a book quilt since the pattern resembles the backs of books lined up on a library shelf. the date is unknown, but it is thought to be quite old.


The armoire was purchased at an antique auction in Palisade in 1994. The secretary is a family heirloom handed down from Elizabeth's grandmother, Stella Kiser. The leather covered rocker was a gift from neighbors, Bruce and Pat Holmlund.