There were two Ethel's in the Fairlamb Family. Charles N. Fairlamb married Ethel Schuyler. Charles and Ethel were the parents of Sky Fairlamb and Lale (pronounced "Lolli") Fairlamb Jackson.

Lale's real first name is Ethel.Lale is well known in Delta as the long time librarian, now retired, for the City of Delta Public Library. She was married to Harley Jackson (here at the Fairlamb House) and lived in the house, not only growing up, but as co-owner in 1977.

The Ethel room is most popular for our female and newly wedded guests. The decor has lots of white lace and lots of angel items. The display box has a number of personal items from Elizabeth's aunt Jean Kiser. The closet is unique because in its original design was a "pass through" closet which allowed entry through the closet in the adjoining bedroom. This design was common in turn of the century houses. the closet has been remodeled and no longer offers this feature.